Pilgrims' Potpourri

Reflections on our journey with God

Pilgrim’s Prayer adapted from Codex Calixtus-12 Century September 30, 2010

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One way to join us on this pilgrimage is to say this prayer which we will say each day. The prayer has been recited by countless pilgrims for centuries. It appears in our Credential del Pelegrino, a small booklet which each pilgrim receives at the start of their journey. This pilgrim’s passport  must be shown at each hostel in order for the pilgrim to receive overnight accomodations.  As we make our way along the route, we will have it stamped in each of the towns we pass through. Upon arrival in Santiago, the “credentials” will be shown at the Pilgrim office to validate that we have made the journey.

“God, You called your servants Abraham and Sarah from Ur in Chaldea, watching over them in all their wanderings, and guided the Hebrew people as they crossed the desert. Guard these your children who, for love of your Name, make a pilgrimage to Compostela. Be their companion on the way, their guide at the crossroads, their strength in weariness, their defense in dangers, their shelter on the path, their shade in the heat, their light in the darkness, their comfort in discouragement, and the firmness of their intentions; that through your guidance, they may arrive safely at the end of their journey, and enriched with grace and virtue, may return to their home filled with salutary and lasting joy.”


Travel lightly on this earth September 28, 2010

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A regular ritual for us over these past few weeks is to weigh our backpacks. It is recommended that we carry no more than 10% of our body weight in our packs. It is amazing how even a small number of items adds up. We remove even small items to reduce the load. One morning last week, as we were about to start the weighing in ritual, the daily scripture reading from Mark’s gospel brought a smile to our faces. “Jesus ordered them to take nothing for their journey except a staff; no bread, no bag, no money in their belts; but to wear sandals and not to put on two tunics.” Mark 6: 8-9) But the backpack weighing ritual invites us to seek ways to travel lightly in this life. We can get weighed down by possessions.  We may carry old hurts, the loss of loved ones, painful situations, relationships that are difficult, dreams unfulfilled. All that extra baggage that weighs us down. Jesus invites us to let go of our excess baggage; to travel lightly trusting that God will provide all we need. It is a difficult lesson to learn, but each time we carry those backpacks we will try to let go of some of our baggage!  There is a profound joy in traveling lightly! By the way 22 ounces of water in a lightweight aluminum bottle weighs 2 lbs!


Itinerary September 22, 2010

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We are tentatively following the itinerary found in A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Camino de Santiago The Way of St. James by John Brierley. We hope you will follow us along the way. Of course this plan could change as God’s will for us unfolds. Our prayer is to be open to the Holy Spirit’s leading. We hope once we are on our way we will be attentive to the still small voice within or whomever God chooses to use to deliver our guidance.

We begin October 7th leaving St Jean Pied de port for Roncevalles.
October 8 Larrossana
October 9 Cizur Manor
October 10 Peunta La Reina
October 11 Estella
October 12 Los Arcos
Ocotber 13 Logrono
October 14 Day Off
Ocober 15 Najera
October 16 Santo Domingo de la Calzada
October 17 Belorado
October 18  San Juan de Ortega
October 19 Burgos
Ocotober 20 Hornillos el Camino
October 21 Castrojeriz
Ocotber 22 Fromista
October 23 Carrion De Los Condes
October 24 Terradillos de los Templarios
Ocotber 25 Hermanillos de la Calzada’
October 26 Mansilla De Las Mulas
October27 Leon

Ocotber 28 day off
October 29th Villar de Mazarife
October 30 Astorga
October 31 Rabanal Del Camino
November 1 Molinaseca
November 2  VillaFranca Del Bierzo
November 3  O’Cebriero
November 4 Triacastela
November 5 Sarria
November 6 Portomarin
November 7 Palas de rei
November 8 Ribadiso
November 9 Arca Do Pino
November 10 Santiago De Compostela


All shall be well

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Each day there is a competition for time between prayer, exercise and errands. So many little details to complete for our trip while commitments and life.  Preparing ourselves physically and spiritually for the journey is time-consuming. There are days when I struggle to surrender to the preparation of body and spirit. While we strive to complete the preparations my peace drifts farther from reach then worry and doubt becomes a companions unsettling the spirit as we set out for unfamiliar territory.

In prayer what comes to my mind is Julian of Norwich’s prayer from a “A Julian of Norwich Dialogue”, A Light in the Darkness.

Here in the palm of your hand is a hazelnut, a small thing, round like a ball. It is all that is made; it is made by Love. See in this little thing three truths: God made it, God loves it, God keeps it.  In these truths stay and grow. God of your goodness, give me yourself, for you are sufficient for me, In you alone is my all. You will have pain and affliction, trouble and strain and doubt. But you shall not be overcome, and all shall be well. Yes all shall be well and all shall be well. I shall find my ground in God, and shall see for myself that all manner of things shall be well.

Thank you Julian and thank you God for the comfort found in prayer.


The scallop shell September 20, 2010

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The scallop shell marks the route of the Camino France.  The shell is a simple but beautiful work of creation.  We will carry a scallop shell in our backpacks to remind us of  the beauty that surrounds us if only we look. When we are tired and ready to complain about our aches and pains, the simple scallop shell will remind us to stay in the moment, to be open to the wonder of the present. It is there that  God longs to meet each one of us. It is in the present moment that the journey unfolds.  It is so easy to live in the past or to skip ahead to the future(especially when the future holds a meal, a place to take off our boots and to rest!), but the secret to walking the camino is to walk slowly, to walk conscious of the present moment;  It is not the end( Santiago de Compostela) that is the goal of our pilgrimage. It is the process, the art of walking moment by moment.  God give us the grace to savor each moment of the Camino and of our lives!

The small Scallop shell reveals the wonder of creation


… for God all things are possible. Mark 10:27 September 18, 2010

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We have begun our final two weeks of preparation to walk the Camino France, a 497 mile journey from St. John Pied de Port in southern France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.  The exterior journey across the land will be a portal for a much more profound, interior journey,  a journey of the heart and spirit.  We will share our insights with all pilgrims who seek deeper undertanding of themselves and of their God.  While we do not know the path ahead, we have faith that the God who led us to this day, will be our guide and will lead us safely to our destination.  The journey to Santiago will be difficult; the journey to the center of  our being is even more difficult; yet with “God all things are possible.”