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Asphalt and dirt May 25, 2011

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The Camino path wound through many small cities today so we spent a good amount of our 14.5 mile walk ¨pounding the pavement¨. There were a few refreshing breaks through some small vineyards and a path through the woods near a stream. It was very hot, probably in the mid eighties. We noticed that when we were walking on the city streets or pavement, our legs hurt more, our bodies were tense and our spirits were focussed on the hardship of the walk. However, while on the dirt path, we had more energy, our bodies seemed more relaxed and our spirits soared with Mother nature providing the stimulation of storks on the next with their babies, flowers, birds singing and the bubbling waters of brooks and streams.  The Camino path is much like life´s journey. Sometimes we are on hard pavement and it is difficult to be centered and focused on what is really important. At those times, we may miss God´s presence in our lives even though God is right there with us.   When we take the time to get a way, to let nature and good Mother Earth in,  the earth has  way of absorbing our stress and freeing us to pay attention to the moment, the present, the only place God dwells.  Mother Earth is like God´s ever present shock absorber!   We are now in Villaefanca de Bierzo. Tomorrow is one of the last most challenging hikes, 18.7 miles to O’Cebreiro and a gain in elevation of 1,200 meters.  We carry you along with us to Santiago which is now  a mere 120 miles to our east.

Blessings of peace to each of you.


2 Responses to “Asphalt and dirt”

  1. Eleanor Guerin Says:

    Karen and Ed,

    Thanks for your words of inspiration. What you say is very true.

    Take good care of yourselves.

    Much love,

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