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Small is Beautiful May 29, 2011

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Today, there were many more pilgrims on the Camino than in the past days. Our Guidebook prepared us for the influx of new pilgrims joining the walk at Sarria. It is a perfect spot for those who have limited time to walk to Santiago since it is just over 100 miles away. The additional traffic on the Camino was difficult to adjust to. I(ed) found myself out of sorts, distracted and unable to appreciate the moment by moment experience of the Camino. In addition our feet were feeling the strain of the walk and even our boots showed signs of deterioration at the heels!  Everything wears out some time.   Our attitude changed abruptly when we crossed a swampy area. We heard a chorus of sounds emerging from the swamp but could not detect what was emitting the sounds. After close observation, we found a large green frog and realized that we were being treated to a large chorus of frogs singing God´s praises. We had never heard frogs sound this way. It was quite beautiful. A short while later, we came across a very tiny mouse who had run out of her little hole in the ground and was forgaging for food. We watched the little creature with delight for several minutes and even got to take some pictures of this cute little mammal.  The mouse brought a smile our faces and restored our centeredness. It made us realize that God is not always in the big things, the beautiful sunset or the mountaintop experience, but God is often found in the small and insignificant places, if we only take the time to seek God´s presence.  For a moment, we seemed to have lost touch with God, but the frog chorus( as beautiful as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir could sing) and the mouse show brought us right back to earth.  We were reminded of a valuable lesson today in the midst of the high traffic on the Camino.  We need to Stop, Look and Listen to find God´s presence in our hectic lives.   We will spend tonight in Portomarin,  88 miles from Santiago.  Be assured of our prayers along the way and please remember us and all the peregrinos in your prayers.

Blessings of peace, friends.


One Response to “Small is Beautiful”

  1. Eleanor Guerin Says:

    Dear Karen and Ed,

    What a beautiful insight. It is so easy to get distracted and then God gives us a little nudge.

    Take care and be assured of my support in prayer.


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