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The power of one October 26, 2016

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The Maasai peoples heritage stretches back many hundreds of years in Africa.  This tribe lives mainly in rural parts of Tanzania and Kenya. Our Journey  brought us to Emusoi Center, operated my Maryknoll Sisters in Arusha Tanzania.  The center offers a school for Maasai girls who are poor and not have the opportunity to get an education.  The Massai I do not believe in education and do not support girls attending school some of the girls are orphans but others have families. Once a girl reaches the age of 13 or 14 they are purchased as brides generally by older Maasai men. The purchase is usually made I offering cows to the family of the bride.  The only way a girl can escape this fate if she wishes is to run away or if they are fortunate enough to be excepted at this school.  

The school helps the girls to catch up on their education and then supports them right through secondary school. Once they graduate from secondary school, the school social worker helps them get into a college or vocational is cool that is affordabe 

The stories behind each of these young girls and how they managed to get to this place of refuge where they could choose a different path in life are amazing. We had a chance to visit classrooms and speak with the young people about their hopes and dreams. It is clear that without the nurturing environment of that school, their hopes and dreams would be very limited. 

One class that is about to graduate to the secondary school  recited ibeautiful  poem called the Power of One.   My eyes filled with tears as I listened to the words in both Swahili and in English.  And I will try to attach a copy of the home to thi and I will try to attach a copy to this post but because my Internet connection is poor that may not work.   

That night as we gathered for mass the Gospel story was of the Mustard seed How fitting a reading! Jesus saw the power that lies within each of us to to help restore the beauty and goodness of all creation, to help build the reign of God.  Though we may individually seem small as a mustard seeds,  with Jesus as the center of our being we can accomplish great things for God.   

In that small school beyond learning reading, writing, and the basic subjects, these girls learned a much more important lesson. That they were loved into being by God and with God’s help they could make a difference in this world.     

Prayer for the day. All loving God transform my mustard seed faith into a giant tree that will be a living sign of your presence in our world. May my tree be a tree of life for every person on this planet and particularly for the forgoten and discarded people who are just waiting for someone to see in that the Mustard seed, The power of one.   

The Power Of One

One song can spark a moment, 

One whisper can wake the dream. 

One tree can start a forest, 

One bird can herald spring. 

One smile begins a friendship, 
One moment can make one fall in love

One star can guide a ship at sea, 

One word can frame the goal 

One vote can change a nation, 
One sunbeam lights a room 

One candle wipes out darkness, 

One laugh will conquer gloom. 

One step must start each journey. 

One word must start each prayer. 

One hope will raise our spirits, 

One touch can show you care. 

One voice can speak with wisdom, 

One heart can know what’s true, 

One life can make a difference, 

You see, it’s up to you!

by Ashish Ram


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