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You have ears but do not hear March 8, 2018

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“Mortal, you are living in the midst of a rebellious house, who have eyes to see but do not see, who have ears to hear but do not hear.”  Ezekiel 12: 2
These words from the prophet Ezekiel to those who had forgotten the covenant with Yahweh, echoed through my mind on our visit to St. Martin’s school for the deaf and for persons with developmental disabilities.  When we opened the gates to this school, we were joyously greeted by about eighty children with various disabilities.  With energy abounding they welcomed us and made us feel part of their family.  The kids treated us to some traditional  African dancing and we spent the afternoon playing, dancing, and communicating in a language more powerful than words. The language of humor and love.
Like kids everywhere, these children love silly games and just horsing around.  Though not a word was spoken so much was communicated.  The kids have perfected the art of listening with the ears of their heart.  The heart is a much more effective communicator than the lips.  And what exactly did we hear these speechless children of God say.  They said what every human being longs to hear from someone: ” I love you. I am so happy you are here.  You are welcome into our lives.  You are special. Thank you for sharing some time with us.”
These children are really not disabled. They are very capable, in fact, they are highly  intelligent and gifted.  The source of their intelligence and giftedness is not necessarily in the head, but at the very center of our humanity, in the heart.  The children taught us a great lesson to today- to listen with the ears of the heart.  It is to the heart that God speaks a language every human being can understand, No translation is needed!
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